Expense Account Benefactor

March 2, 2009

Everyone should have one of these. The corporate world doesn’t seem so evil when one of its members takes you out for a sly expensive dinner on the company account. Our corporate fairy tonight took us to Becasse, which was pretty  transporting.

My entree, which will sound weird, was an amazingly delicious smoky affair – Jamon de somethingorother (beautiful, soft, smoky stretchy prosciutto-style ham) with smoked eel, a few droplets of a little mayonnaisy number and something called a matelote jelly, which I believe is a fishy reduction of some kind, but to be honest I forgot about it in the feast of smoky ham and eel. Who’d a thunk that could be SO good. Everything else was incredible as well – wine divine – and our dear EAB’s company the best of all, of COURSE, but – ah, that smoky eely hammy thing.


  1. Jamon Iberico, probably. That’s the good stuff. And now I hate you. Have always wanted to go to Becasse.

  2. Hi Di – it wasn’t Iberico, but some other Jamony goodness starting with J, that I hadn’t heard of. But by darn it was goooood. And I think you should definitely get yesself there some time.

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