My writing room

April 6, 2009

Angela Meyer at the Literaryminded blog, one of Crikey’s regulars, has started a ‘writers’ rooms’ series emulating The Guardian’s. I confess to being a huge stickybeak for these things.  My own writing room is on Literaryminded today, followed by a couple of comments about messiness. Ah well… I like to think of those great photos of Francis Bacon’s studio, to make me feel better.

I am rather desperately trying to think of a link between this and food – basically there is none. But you can probably tell from this picture what my kitchen work space sometimes looks like …. I promise it’s not that bad … always ..


  1. As I said, ‘obsessive, pedantic and petty.’

    Actually, I think my neatness is partly to do with parenthood. My ‘study’ (the corner of the lounge) is my calm in the toddler and infant storm.

    And only sometimes…

  2. hi Damon, welcome! Don’t get me wrong, I LONG for a tidiness gene, and whenever I clean up my mess I love the calm order I see in all those zen-like work rooms on the Guardian rooms series… just never seems to stick with me, Dammit.

  3. How’s this for a link: are you a messy chef? Or a nattily-pre-prepared-dishes-of-diced-everthing TV chef?

  4. I hate the way you can’t correct your own typos once you prematurely press ‘submit comment’!!! AAAARGH!!! I meant everything.

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