Tray bien

May 16, 2009

room serviceIf you are like me and travel for work just occasionally, you may still feel a childish thrill at the very idea of room service. I always get the steak, with as retro an accompaniment as is available – cafe de Paris butter, perhaps – and Dijon mustard on the side … and chips, and a green salad. My beau, on the other hand, is a sucker for the club sandwich, apparently. And you?

I’ve been trying to work out just what it is that’s so appealing about the whole thing. Is it the laze factor, that you can just lie on a huge bed and command others to bring you whatever you fancy? (sounds quite good, you gotta admit!) Or the power trip – that no matter the time of day or night, the poor schmuck on the other end of the phone line has to pretend nothing would give them greater pleasure than to pan fry a chicken breast for you right now?

Or maybe it’s the selfishness that does it. Because like so many things in life, this is a luxury that must be enjoyed alone – room service for two, after all, is just sad. 


  1. I reckon it’s more to do with when you’re a little kid and you;re sick and your mum brings your tea into you on a tray. It spells l o v e .

  2. I agree with the big man, and I would go one further…I use the club sandwhich as my litmus test for hotels…its a sound and a rather delicous rating system!

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