Cry me a river

May 17, 2009

onion gogglesSenor and I are having an argument about whether I should purchase a pair of these exceptionally snazzy onion goggles.

My view, of course, is yes! Although since our earlier discussion on the topic I have to say Hamish and Jamie were both right, and while I still bawl each time, practice is making – well, marginally better. My dice are neater and the chilling and sharpest knife does make a difference. But still, I can definitely see myself in these.

Senor, however, has been rolling his eyes. I’m used to that. Then, warming to the topic, he quite seriously suggested a scuba mask, because then “at least you can use it for snorkelling as well”.

Please. I can just see myself welcoming the guests at the front door with one of those on my head, I replied. At which S looked for a minute from this picture to me and back again, incredulous, and said, “Are you telling me you’re concerned about what they’re going to look like?”

I still think they’re funky.


  1. I think they’re quite fetching!

    • Good, that makes two of us. Which I think is a quorum – I’m getting ’em.

  2. Isn’t cutting onions a boy job?

    I’m going for the beer goggles over the weekend. See you at the festival?

    • Excellent to see you at the party Annette.

  3. Charlotte, where do I get a pair of these? I just can’t stand it anymore. French onion soup for Friday night’s starter convinced me there has to be another way… and if the way forward is snazzy, so much the better.

  4. Ah. There’s a link. In my excitement I didn’t see that.

    • And do please report back if you buy a pair? I haven’t got em yet, but only because our kitchen still in disarray (i.e. unbuilt) and nowhere to put them. But I am VERY keen to hear if they work. BTW how was your onion soup? I am a huge fan of FOS, but last time I made it just wasn’t as fab as I’d hoped. Did you use a particular recipe?

  5. I so hope that you draw my name in Kris Kringle this year!

    • As giver or recipient??!

  6. I want them bad!!!

  7. Umm, while the specs are gorgeous, it did occur to me you could use swimming goggles just as well, couldn’t you? I know, not as attractive for receiving guests, but practical none-the-less. (Don’t know about you but am currently deceiving myself that a clutter-free life may be possible!).

  8. The FOS was great, thanks, and yeah, it was Donna Hay’s, but it didn’t scale the giddy heights of one I had a couple of years ago in Wanaka after a day’s skiing (did I say skiing? I meant face-planting). Lip-smacking.

    The goggles are on my radar, but not yet in my hot little hand. I’m feeling poor, but you’ll be the first to know if they make it into the second drawer.

  9. gully_girl, I know you are right. But I’ve tried swimming goggles – that’s how tragic I am – and they didn’t work at all, and I am fantasising that these babies have some extra special onion-fume-proof lining or something. I know this is fantasy, and they will be just as crap as the goggles. But a girl has to dream. And also they ARE so spunky. And hey, it’ll be a conversation-starter when you invite those new friends you don’t know very well over for dinner. Answer the door in these and if they don’t run screaming you’ll have something to laugh about at least for five minutes …

    doctordi maybe I will get them (specially as I know bro Hamish wants some) and report back to tell you if they’re worth it. Might have to post a pic of One all specced up.

  10. Oh! I just remembered an onion trick. Have you ever tried holding matches in your mouth (unlit!) whilst dicing? I used to do that (for some odd reason this has really not been an issue for me for some time; have onions gotten less acrid or have I built up some kind of resistance?) and it did work; something to do with the match ends absorbing the vapours. It’s awkward though, admittedly…

  11. Oh gully_girl, I have done this. (I told you – tragic.) I still had the streaming eyes, dribbling nose, and could barely breathe at all for the mouthful of sticks … the goggles are my only hope.
    But weirdly, since I began this post my onion trauma has been much better. I think it’s a combo of the very sharp knife, the chilled onions and the Sanskritesque instructions that I finally understood, about not cutting the stalky bit off that holds the whole half together while you cut. Must be just about exposing less surface area or something.

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