Love that lasagne

July 22, 2009

stephlasagneI have always loved a good lasagne myself – but a really good one is hard to find, no? Not for the Empress though – she winkles out three excellent versions of lasagne in this big wide city in her  SMH Good Living Three-of-a-Kind column for this week, online now. Says she:

Lasagne is believed to be the earliest form of pasta, which makes sense given the flat sheets result from simple rolling. But it isn’t always layered with bolognaise and bechamel sauce; there’s a more elaborate version, known as vincisgrassi, which can contain sweetbreads or other offal, spices, porcini mushrooms, prosciutto or a combination.


  1. I can vouch for the Buzo number. I’ve had it twice already and I fantasise about it quite a lot. A disturbing amount, actually. Perfect while the weather’s still cool. Mmmmm….

    Might have to give Pendolino another swing (arf arf)… was so shat off about being seated in the shop beside the coat rack first time round that I haven’t been back, but… I’m feeling more forgiving now.

    • I know where you’re coming from re the Buzo fantasies, Di. This column was largely about finding an excuse to eat that vincisgrassi again, having first tried it 5 years ago and not being able to shake the delicious memory.

  2. Stephanie, you’ve successfully lodged it right back in the forefront of my mind! Now it just keeps zipping across my thoughts at short intervals the way it does post-gorge (it has been 14 weeks since my last vincigrassi). I think in future we should enforce the ‘Excuse? Who needs an excuse?’ clause.

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