Return of the mojo …

October 2, 2009

flameYou may have noticed I haven’t been so present here lately – what with a few trips away, followed by a couple of coming & going head colds, deadlines, book writing going ornery, a bit of piglet flu & a cricked back, I’ve not been in the kitchen much. Well, we’ve been cooking at home, but for the last little while our kitchen has had that dreary workaday feeling –  no spark, no ideas, no life. A brain drain, a lack of culinary imagination.  Know that feeling? When dinner seems a chore, the fridge is all but empty, and despite all the books on the shelf you can think of only two things to cook, and one of them is Thai takeaway?

However, I am happy to say that with a weekend of cooking for friends & fam ahead, my cookery mojo is coming back. Started making duck ragu for lunch a day ahead, and that led to tonight’s dinner of fennel risotto, with the disgracefully decadent roasting of fennel bits in duck fat (and it was gooood), plus a zinger side effect of tossing some duck necks in a pot for stock, bubbling away as we speak.

Oh, and this was all aided by a surprise delivery of a bottle of very fancy wine by a man from the postal service and a too-generous pal.

Nice to get the mojo back. And once again, it’s friends who get it happening … thanks kids. Now what about you – anything that gets  your flame fired up again after a low patch??

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