Merry Christmas, peace & goodwill

December 25, 2009

To all visitors to this blog over the past year, I wish you a peaceful, happy Christmas. As I write, our (formerly) happy free-range ham from www.featherandbone.com.au is glazing in the oven, and it smells delicious.

The glaze is made from some gorgeously lustrous Seville marmalade made a couple of months back by the Parsnip Princess, mixed with orange juice, Dijon mustard and white wine vinegar.

I wish you a happy day, wherever you may be and whatever your festivus for the rest-of-us may comprise. Thank you for all your visits here, and especially all your comments and suggestions and cooking ideas.

It’s all given me much more pleasure than I can say, and I hope you come back again in 2010.


  1. That ham is gorgeous. I can practically smell it! Hope you had a very merry Christmas.

  2. Oh why thankyou Moon! I have been riveted by your broody hen tales – and I urge all howtoshuck fans to scoot on over to Moon Over Martinborough – http://moonovermartinborough.com/ – for a beautifully written, always engaging and often hilarious account of two lovely boys making their way on a NZ farm with chooks, olives and a bunch of good neighbours (Aussie Bronwyn is a standout).

    hope all the Martinborough menagerie had lots of Thanksgiving and Christmas fun too.

  3. Charlotte thank you for the lovely blog. A bounty of information and inspiration. How to Shuck An Oyster was part of our Christmas day in the form of the wasabi and sake cured Nigella salmon, with wasabi sour cream and green tobikko. It was yum.

  4. Not for the first time visiting this blog, my mouth just filled with drool – look at that ham. Charlotte, YUM.

    It’s been a great moveable feast, 2009, and here’s to much more happy chomping here at How to Shuck an Oyster in 2010. By the way, a friend recently went to the Martinborough Wine Festival and RAVED about the food and wine, generously sharing a terrific chardonnay with us upon her return. Mmmmmm… I think you should get over there next year and take one for the team.

  5. How to Shuck an Oyster was part of our Christmas table through various meals, and thanks to various introductions to likeminded people…Like Fiona I did the wasabi and sake cured Nigella salmon. (Bliss.) There was the Empress’s beetroot chutney. Jane J sent me a recipe for roasted red capsicum and tomato salad with cumin and sherry vinegar. And, of course, we shucked our own oysters.

  6. Ah, I love to hear of the ripple effect and am very pleased we here in howtoshuckland were a part of various Christmases. Ali, I think we may need miss J’s recipe of which you speak! And I neglected to mention in the Americano post that my love of that drink also comes from her.

    Another year of sharing excellent food with the best people coming right up. Can’t wait.

  7. […] since I bought our divine Christmas ham from them last year on the recommendation of Empress Clifford-Smith, Feather & Bone have […]

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