Fortunate … and not so

January 17, 2010

Last week I received the best fortune cookie I have ever had. But my friend, the Emperor, was not so lucky …


  1. Oh dear! How funny! Sounds like you will be having all the fun this week 🙂

  2. Though I do love ‘If your desires are extravagant they will be granted’, sometimes I wish for fortune cookies that were a little more down to earth. So things like ‘Monday will happen, and Friday will happen, and there will be days inbetween’. Or ‘There will be clothes-washing and floors to broom this weekend, but neither task will be as bad as you might think’. Or something simple like ‘Today will end, and tomorrow will begin’. Mmm, certainly not magical, but they’d reinforce the whole idea that nothing is as bad as we might believe, which might be the definition of ‘fortune’?

  3. Yeah- what about fortune cookies that say things like “Look for last year’s tax return under the Spanish cookbook” or “Don’t forget you haven’t paid last month’s daycare bill”

  4. I have been trying to have very extravagant desires (riches, thinness, grand success & fortune, etc) but none of it seems to be working so far…

    But Nigel, Screamish, come on. You really want realistic fortune cookies? Surely we have room for a leeetle bit of fantasy? Otherwise mine would say, ‘You will anticipate doing a lot of exercise and eating less, but it probably won’t eventuate’.

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