A temporary farewell…

March 15, 2010

Regular shuckers may have noticed I’ve been a bit absent here recently – have been running round the countryside a bit too much, to Adelaide Writers’ Week (great fun) followed by a spot of camping (ditto, except for incessant rain – but we still ate well, hooray!), followed by a few other weekend trips here and there.

This post is to announce a little howtoshuck hiatus  for the next wee while. I love this blog, but it can lead me astray rather when my real work lies waiting. I am determined to finish my novel in progress this year, and there’s much work to do. And as we’ve just passed the one-year mark for this blog’s existence, it seems like a good time to take a break.

I hope you all come back when I do – hopefully in a month or two’s time, when I’ve had my nose to the grindstone for long enough to get another draft of the book done. And when I do come back, there’ll be many meals to share and ideas to ask you about. So don’t go away.


  1. I thought howtoshuck hiatus was a medical condition at first, very glad to find out its not.

    I’ll miss the great chat and recipes Charlotte but don’t want to have them at the expense of your writing type writing.

    All the best for your next draft,


  2. I’ll miss the blog but wouldn’t want to miss out on the book!

  3. Have a good rest, Charlotte, and finish that novel. Even if this is all you ever end up doing in blogging, you did it wonderfully well.

    All the best

  4. Bon voyage!

  5. You have a great many more than one oyster to shuck, Charlotte. It’s a consolation knowing you’ll eat well while you’re away working hard at the novel – best of luck cooking that particular bird (not that you need it)!

  6. Happy writing!

  7. I just used your blog as a training ground for Carlton teacher to get used to blogging.. perhaps your blog will live on without you.

  8. Well aren’t you all just swell. I promise I will be back once the damn thing is done … of course now I’ve sworn off I’ve kept wanting to sneak back in. See you round like a rissole. Hmm, rissoles!

  9. as nigel said bon voyage..and bon appetit….

  10. Hi Charlotte, I know you’re taking a break from blogging, but I’d like to interview you by email about blogging and the relationship to the creative writing process. The article would be for the Canberra Times’ Panorama arts magazine (all going well), for whom I’ve been writing for a few years now. Would you be interested? Hopefully it shouldn’t be too painful – only a handful of questions. Details about me can be found at http://www.opentopublic.com.au, which contains a link to my own blog. Thanks in anticipation, Nigel

  11. Hi Char, I can’t believe this, I finally managed to leap the wall again only to find the grass is not all that greener!! Look forward to your return, good luck…see ya soon!!

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