Breakfast of champions, Shanghai style

November 15, 2010

Here are a couple of mini videos I took of the making of our brekky pancakes – I think the Shanghai locals eat them any old time, but they’re very popular for breakfast on the way to work. And that’s when we got them, out for a stroll with our nephew baby Archie, or on the way to the park.

This first video below shows the making of the doughy Shanghai breakfast pancake that I included in the photos last post. Please forgive my idiocy in turning the camera halfway through! These people were lovely, we visited them a few times – everybody was very friendly and most happy to do the camera thing once we made it clear we were there for buying too. The doughy pancakes have an egg broken on top with some shallot, are flipped, cooked in lots of oil and then you add your own hoy sin-ish and chilli sauces as you wish. It’s folded in three, tossed in a plastic bag, and you’re on your way – all for around 30 Australian cents. Breakfast of champs indeed.

This second pancake below is more a batter, which as you’ll see is spread very thin and cooked till crisp. Into this one goes egg, garlic (I think – could be ginger but very mild), shallot, the hoysin-ish sauce, and some chilli – note the pause as she asks us doubtfully if we want some (it’s me saying ‘a little bit’). Also into this one goes a light crisp wafery waffly thing, so you have a delicious crunch in the middle. I love the fast and furious production here, and so neatly done. A joy to watch – and to eat of course.


  1. Fantastic, reminds me of Mrs Jang’s home-style fried egg in Kylie Kwong’s book. Ya-ummm.

  2. Great stuff… the second one looks a close relative of the south Indian dosa – they use besan flour. I’m just amazed at how they keep the heat at the right temp to get such a thin layer crisp and not burnt

  3. What’s the green herb sprinkled in and the dark gooey sauce, Charlotte? Looks like hoi sin. Gorgeous.

  4. Bronwyn, I haven’t seen that KK recipe but am deffo going to check it out now. Ricardo, you are totally right about the texture – that’s it, exactly. Lordy I am slavering again just remembering it. Steph, I am pretty sure it’s just shallot sprinkled, and the gooey goodness is very similar to if not definitely hoi sin – sweet, nutty and mildly hot. Scrumptialicious.

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