Oh, and a new site

April 6, 2012

It’s only a few weeks until my new book  about cooking – Love & Hunger: Thoughts on the Gift of Food – is published. Exciting! The book now has its own (simple, but sparkly) new website – check it out here if you’re interested. It also has a page listing events where I’ll be talking about Love & Hunger in the coming months (sometimes along with my novel Animal People which has just been longlisted for this year’s Miles Franklin literary award – yay!)  Love & Hunger is published on April 30.



  1. Love the new site, and look of the book- and Maggie Beer more than ever. Well Done Charlotte.

    What a sensitive topic you raise.Spot on. I recall a relationship with a bossy cook who served up the serious food -spicy pork, goose, you name it. I was relegated to the dessert, by which time everyone was pissed( desert cook included), the compliments exhausted, and I felt like a tryhard member of the CWA.

    Is there a genetic rather than a gender factor? My mother once cooked in a Repat Hospital. The chaps wouldn’t let her near the meat and veg. She produced vat after vat of lemon delicious pud.

  2. Another lovely book! It looks appropriately delicious – and the final countdown is on. Goodie!

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