Lunch at our place

May 2, 2012

My beautiful nephew Henry Simmons made this book trailer for Love & Hunger – it pretty much represents the style of cooking and the emotional energy of  the book, and the way we like to eat round here. Casual, chaotic cacophony.

Thank you to Henry – and to the bookshops who are greeting Love & Hunger with such warmth and enthusiasm, like the wonderful Books for Cooks and Readings in Melbourne, and Collins Booksellers Cottesloe in Perth, the excellent Aussie online store Booktopia and my own beloved local indie, Better Read than Dead in Newtown, Sydney, who have made L&H their May book of the month.


  1. Lordie, what a feast! Thanks Henry! Congrats on your lovely book and glad to see someone else loves prunes wrapped in bacon. One of my fussy eaters here is mad for ricotta-stuffed figs wrapped in prosciutto: kind of similar, sweet and salty.

  2. Fabulous trailer and a great vibe. Congratulations, Charlotte! And were those your tamari almonds I saw sliding into the oven?

  3. Love the name of your book – totally sums up eating with family and friends.

  4. Henry is very very talented. He has captured perfectly the generous way you use your wonderful talent. As a fortunate recipient I can vouch for this.

  5. Henry, you are amazing just like your Aunty. What a great clip and congratulations on all your success with Love and Hunger Charlotte love reading and hearing all the amazing press about it can’t wait to read it myself!

  6. Hooray for Henry! I could SMELL the treats. Beautiful.

  7. Lovely work, Henry. My only problem with this beyond beautiful lunch is that I couldn’t get there to eat it. I’m reading and re-reading Charlotte’s book – it is a perfect companion. It does what all the best cookbooks do – begins a conversation that you never want to leave.
    I wanted to say that today I am having a Charlotte-inspired day. I got the kids off to school on the bus, so I am free until 2.30, when I have to walk up the hill to get them. I’ve put on a winter beef stew (it’s cold here in the mountains) from Darina Allen’s ‘Forgotten Skills of Cooking’ – one for our family and one for our close friends, one of whom has been sick for more than a month. She is very low on iron and also very nauseous, sensitive to tastes like garlic and onion, so I’m experimenting with a low-onion, low-spices version for her, and adding lots of extra stock and some red wine. She can’t swallow anything solid so I’m hoping that one of the results will be a rich beef tea – this is what she’s asked for.
    Then I’m going to put internet/email blocking software on until 2.30, and get some writing done – the first in months. Wish me luck. Thanks, dear CWood for your beautiful book.

    • Thankyou Tigs – write well today xxxxxxxx

  8. Thanks everyone – have told Henry he’s getting lots of love here … happy cooking all.

  9. I just wanted to say that the beef tea worked well – I kept adding water through the day and by the end had a very rich red-brown stock. I strained it and gave the resulting stew to the rest of the family, and my friend’s husband tells me she was able to keep down the tea. So more cooking this week. The writing was much, much harder.

  10. […] the book. I absolutely love this passing on of ideas and knowledge and experience – as in Tegan’s lovely comments here the other day. It means that for these people at least, the book has worked in the way I hoped it […]

  11. Hi Charlotte. I have just been given your book as a present..thrilled with it and now I have found your blog..I to have a bolg..Google Fi’s Kitchen…I am loving the whole adventure and teaching myself to cook. Thank you for the book..I am off to Hong Kong on the weekend and it is my travel reading. I am going to blog as I go..taste and report. thanks again. Fix

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