Fuchsia fever: win a copy of Every Grain of Rice

June 19, 2012

As you might know, we are big fans of Fuchsia Dunlop at our house, ever since we came back from China the first time with her Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook in our luggage.

Well, I’ve struck gold and so have you, because Bloomsbury has sent me two copies of Dunlop’s very gorgeous-looking new book, Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese home cooking, and one of these will go to one of you. Howbout it goes to the Australian-based reader (sorry, postage overseas would be a little prohibitive – it’s a lovely thick hardback!) who leaves the best comment on my last post, about why you love to cook? I think I’ll get our resident Chinese cooking expert, Senor, to pick the winner, in the next week or so.

One of the things to love about Every Grain of Rice is that the recipes are simpler than you might expect, and vegetable dishes are the star. As soon as you see these photos, I guarantee you will start salivating as I just have, over dishes like “Smacked cucumber in a garlicky sauce”, “Silken tofu with avocado”, “Smoked tofu with celery and peanuts”, “Stir-fried green soybeans with snow vegetable” and much more. It’s a beautiful book.

So go on – get cracking and leave a comment on Why cook?


  1. It’s a truly fab book, eveyone, and I urge you all to enter! I’ve been in a complete Fuschia Frenzy for the last few days and can barely contemplate cooking any recipe she hasn’t written. Knock yourselves out!

    • Isn’t it gorgeous? I am desperate, desperate to get into the kitchen with some cucumbers. And if that sounds lascivious, well, blame Fuchsia.

  2. Life’s too short to miss out on lifes pleasures in cooking, tasting, eating amazing food and flavours. I want to enjoy what I eat it makes me and my family happy when we experience each delicious meal.

  3. Mine’s ordered 🙂 The smacked cucumbers are DIVINE, they’re in one of her other books.

    • Yes crazybrave! And tonight I’m smacking some radishes. I’m so loving this violence in the kitchen!

  4. I have long suspected your relationship with cucumbers.

  5. I have a glut of cucumbers in the garden at the moment – wow that sounds like a very interesting recipe.

  6. This is a way out of left field comment, Charlotte.
    I saw you at Byron Writers last weekend and enjoyed your talk and panel sessions ( with Ailsa and Hannie and Caroline) so much. Thank you.
    Ailsa suggested I ask you for some suggestions for using the swag of turmeric tubers I have dug up in my garden ( as per my blog garden grapevine). I have only been able to find discourse that says ground turmeric is the only useable kind in cooking?? Other than that, it is supposedly only good for dyeing. Don’t really have anything I want turned orange right now, alas!

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