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Welcome to Charlotte Wood’s blog about cooking, eating, reading – and occasionally, about writing. I write novels and the odd short story as well as a little bit of journalism – and I love to cook and eat. This blog will be occasional, greedy, and lazy …!

About me: I’m primarily a fiction writer, based in Sydney Australia, but my first book of non-fiction – Love & Hunger: Thoughts on the Gift of Food, is coming out here shortly. My novels are Animal People (2011),  The Children, The Submerged Cathedral, and Pieces of a Girl. I have also edited an anthology of Australian stories about siblings, Brothers & Sisters (2009) and am currently working on a new novel.

To find out more about my books & writing, visit my website, www.charlottewood.com.au.


  1. Hi Charlotte,
    I’m new to your blog but I’ve been enjoying past posts and look forward to the new ones. We actually have a mutual friend – Vicki Hastrich. She’s related to one of my best friend’s, Kate. Vicki was kind enough to review some of my writing last year.
    I just love love love your Submerged Cathedral. My mother and I enjoy heated arguements about whether or not it’s a happy ending (I reckon it is, she enjoys lamenting over lost years).
    Looking forward to your new novel,

  2. Lucie, how delightful of you to say so, thank you SO much. And thank your mum too.

    The talented Vicki Hastrich has been one of my best teachers and is a glorious writer. Those of you who don’t know her work should find yourself a copy of The Great Arch or Swimming With the Jellyfish immediately.

  3. Just finished reading Love and Hunger and here I am! Full of admiration for your thoughtful and entertaining writing 🙂

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