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White People and farmers’ markets

March 7, 2009
My depressingly bourgeious Dutch cream potatoes.
My depressingly bourgeois Dutch cream potatoes.

This morning a friend and I went to the new Eveleigh farmers’ market at the Carriageworks, Redfern. Got a bit of nice veg, and a rather decent chorizo & egg brekky roll*. But we were both a bit freaked at realising once again how smug everyone looks at inner-city farmers’ markets – and even more deeply disheartening is how we look exactly like them. The ol’ black t-shirt & jeans on a slightly dishevelled middle-ager carrying a bloody eco-shopping bag of some kind. The only thing we didn’t have was kids in a gigantic black eco-stroller.

I stopped going to the otherwise fab Orange Grove Market partly because I’m too lazy to drive 20 minutes, and partly because of the claustrophobic crowds and the number of irritating lawyer types watching their anklebiters disappear into the crowd, and instead of going to fetch the kid, rather just stand and bellowinto one’s nearby ear, something like Hadrian! Come back to Daddy, Hadrian! Mummy’s taken Tango and Bodicea to their Urdu lesson, and  I need you to try on this ironic t-shirt for toddlers that says ‘My First Recession’! It’s made of bamboo, Hadrian!

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