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Things on Toast

March 21, 2009

toastI’m thinking of another page or two – Things on Toast, to start with.  Along the lazy lunch idea, but lazier. Am brain dead after a long day, but what do you people put on toast – or Ryvitas (mmm) – that’s quick, easy and interesting (i.e. not Vegemite) and not toooooo laden with delicious fat, that you can pull out of the fridge when, say, you’re on a writing roll but hungry? If I ever find myself on another writing roll I will need this.

And also I need to know other things from your collective cooky wisdom reservoirs, like do mushrooms grow in seasons? This might be a kind of tech-support page for the kitchen.

Ok, seriously brain dead now. But do visit the things on toast page over there on the right, and tell me some ideas. I, meanwhile, will think of a better title.