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Distractions, developments and nasi champur…

September 14, 2011

Hello everyone – this is a very brief hello to apologise for my absence here of late. The good news is that it has been because I was finishing a book about cooking that will be published next April by the wonderful people at Allen & Unwin. At this stage the title is Love and Hunger: Notes, Recipes & Thoughts on the Gift of Food, but that might change …

I’ve also been distracted by the fact that I have a new novel – my fourth – coming out (also with A&U) in a few weeks’ time. It’s called Animal People and you can find out more about it here, if you’re interested. Am getting a few weeny advance reviews which so far have been quite lovely.

But by far the most exciting news for now is that tomorrow I am off to Bali for a week with Senor and friends. All we have planned is lying around poolside and only getting up for reading, naps and a bite of nasi champur now and then.

 But on my  return, I plan to get well and truly stuck back into the cooking and blogging once again, so please don’t go away …

See you soon!