restaurants we like

Ploy Thai

Ploy Thai Petersham – we eat here so often, and usually with so few fellow diners, that we tend to think of it as our personal dining room. A Chara and Tony (or Roy, as we’ve come to know him), the charming owners, serve up incredibly good, fresh, authentic Thai food for a sixpence. They also home deliver, but best to eat in. See eatability reviews & address details here.

Sultan’s Table

The Sultan’s Table, Enmore – fantastic fresh, cheap Turkish food. Great waiters who will advise you on best combinations, sizes and portions.

Song Fang Khong

Song Fang Khong in Fairfield is my new favourite place in the world – only been once, last week, but will return asap. Lao food, so we’re talking divine spicy papaya salad, incredible dried beef, the most amazing pork sausage, other salady goodnesses of many kinds with that delicious sticky rice – best to eat all with your hands. Lord, it’s good. And such friendly staff, and I believe our meal cost a grand sum of eight bucks a person. Unbelievable.


Went to Bistrode in Surry Hills for the first time a week or two ago, midweek, just Senor and me. Just the kind of neighbourhood restaurant I love – small, candle-lit, great food, BYO (early in the week anyway), great service. If I had the dough I’d eat here a lot more.


  1. Charlotte I’ve been dreaming about Song Fang Khong ever since trekking there last week [I thought I recognised you at a corner table in a flurry of chopsticks and elbows].

    So I was wondering what Song Fang Khong means…and it’s something to do with the Mekong River that seperates Laos and Thailand – the area or the people that live on both sides of it {Thai Issan}.

    YouTube has this spectacular clip – with Karaoke lyrics!

    But this link had a great little story from February 2007 about a TV soap of the same name being banned from Thai television because of Lao sensitivies – scroll just over half-way down the page to “Laos Consigned to Trash Bin…”


    • Wow Lunger, you certainly like to do your research don’t you. I don’t deny it may have been me you saw, with some close friends … their elbows are active as are their yappers. Took me a while to track down the Trash Bin reference but once I did well … I don’t think I shall ever chuck a suitor’s proffered bloom in the bin so nonchalantly ever again. Specially not in Fairfield.

  2. […] the sheer joy of our Lao trip to the west where we encountered the sticky rice heaven of Song Fang Khong, I look forward to our next suburban adventure with the Empress, which I believe is going to be a […]

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