Emerging herbs….

July 4, 2009
Basil, thyme, parsley day 21

Basil, thyme, parsley day 21

Why is growing things from seed so very satisfying?

Here are my newborn herbs, powering along on day 21. As Jamie predicted, the parsley has now sprouted and seems to be doing just fine.

As long as I can keep the baby basil alive, all looks good for starting my actual new herb garden in a few weeks when all the painting’s done… or maybe I should actually wait till August for the sun to come a little higher and warm the soil a bit more before I stick ’em in the ground?

Stay tuned for Cate Kennedy‘s garlic …

Parsley, in front; thyme at back - day 21

Parsley (front) & thyme, day 21

Basil, day 21

Basil, day 21

Coriander & mint, day 1

Coriander & mint, day 1


  1. Charlotte: by now (July 12) it’s time to get out the tweezers and thin out the babies so each has a few centimetres of room between it and the next. They’re a bit too crowded in at the moment, and so you have to play Goddess and say: “You die” “You may live” etc etc. While playing Goddess you can also hire Chuck Darwin as your adviser and say “You look stronger, you live” and “You look weaker, sorry.”

  2. Oh, Jamie. I knew this time was a’comin but I hate to do this. Can’t they all just make room and play nicely (ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony side by side on my piano keyboard, oh lord why can’t [herbs])?

    Okay, I know the answer. This week I will destroy the weak so the strong may flourish. Gulp.

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