Lady Marmalade

July 19, 2009

marmaladeMy husband recently returned from a visit to his mum, Annie, bearing Gift: this jar of cumquat marmalade, made on a whim from the cumquats in her own garden and last week’s Good Living recipe (I think this recipe here is the one, right Annie? Let me know if not!).

Anyway, it wasn’t till yesterday that I had some of it slathered on toast (sourdough from the excellent Bourke St Bakery which happily for us has opened a new shop just a couple of blocks from our house). And my, that stuff was good.

This marmalade is magic – I’m not much of a jam person, having a reasonably low sugar tolerance, and so absolutely love this stuff which is sweet but tart and just with that teeny subtle bitterness that  makes marmalade so much more interesting than jam.

So this is, as you see, a cheat’s blog, given that today’s recipe is not only someone else’s but I didn’t even make it  – but it’s so good, and looks so beautiful, that I thought the Lady Marmalade wouldn’t mind me sharing her triumph with you.

The Lady reports in her comment on the polenta posting that this recipe is easy and results in feelings of industrious virtue.  And I am sure that if there are any tricks or tweaks required, she will let us know.

I have never made jam or anything like it in my life, but I heartily recommend you all rush off and make jars of this stuff (and then pop one  in the post to me…)


  1. Delicious! I love to eat cumquats off the tree. And loquats. Loquats are in season and most people dont eat them.Older houses in inner west etc have trees with fruit falling on ground. They don’t pick and travel well and cost a motza when they do make it to shops. Unlike cumquats not much chop as jam in my view as the tartness disappears into bland sweetness unless lots of lemon, and less fleshy due to the lovely big slippery brown seeds.

  2. Along with Vegemite (although not on the same piece of toast), marmalade is my spread of choice. This sounds like the absolute goods. Lucky you!

  3. Jul 20- Postscript: all this Lady Marmaladism led me back to the original Labelle disco classic on Youtube here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVV61lf1EvY – you need to see this. Voices to die for, plus some brilliantly seventies outfitting – the silver pubic region is my favourite (and from what I hear about waxing, the kids today, they wouldn’t have a clue what that was all about …). And seventies bodies. Amazing, how normal women’s bodies used to be considered as tolerably sexy..

  4. That’s awesome – and Big Bird wants his feathers back!

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