Salad days

September 7, 2009

This is a fly-by greeting from far North Queensland where we are holidaying for a few days – just back in Townsville from a stunning weekend on Magnetic Island, where the weather was gorgeous, the water pure and tropical, and the food, cooked by our bunch of friends, fabulous as always. Seafood, swimming, sauvignon blanc, sand and afternoon snoozes by the pool. Yesterday we swam at a beach where in the water with us was a turtle and a dugong, if you can believe that. Anyhoo, all this tropical stuff has reminded me that on my return I’m starting a new Salads page, for this approaching summer I decree will be the season of the salad. Gotta run and make tonight’s seafood curry. Stay tuned for salad days on our return….


  1. And then sometimes you just make me sick.

  2. I’m as envious as can be – a dugong?? Really?? How wonderful!

    I hope you have a lovely holiday and I’m really looking forward to that salads page!

    Someone gave me the Australian Woman’s Weekly cookery book which is wonderful but perhaps you can tell me what the hell a Kipfler is? 🙂

  3. Greetings – you will be happy to know I’m back in Sydney and freezing my arse off after five days of tropicana. Bummer.

    Piereth, a Kipfler is a spud. A potato. One of those vaguely obscene-looking long narrow crooked ones. I wonder what you call them? Do you know what I mean? I have done a quick search online and can’t find any other name… they are about three or four inches long and about an inch wide, and often sort of bent in the middle, or at least a bit wonky.

  4. I still can’t believe you saw a turtle and a dugong. I nearly trod barefoot on a snake this morning, so you win by a hundred million miles. But welcome home!

  5. Ha! thanks Charlotte, the penny drops!

    We call them new or salad potatoes, or refer to them by variety – like La Ratte, Charlotte, Jersey Royal or whatever.

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