A case of the busies

November 6, 2009

Brothers & Sisters coverI’m sad to say I have done barely any cooking this week and think it unlikely to be doing much in the week or so; I’m afraid it may be rather quiet round here for a little while.

This week I have had the busies, with lots of  promotion in progress for our new book Brothers & Sisters – preparing for the forthcoming panel at the Newtown Festival this Sunday, then the Sydney launch on Tuesday, another in the Blue Mountains on Thursday, plus the odd interview like this one here with Radio National’s The Book Show earlier this week.

Now this is clearly a load of completely shameless self-promotion, but I figured if you can’t do it on your own blog …

However, I have lots to talk about soon from devils on horseback to the contrast between dried & fresh herbs and when to use which – not to mention a revisit of my spud farm (Jamie, I’m in trouble …) and the herb garden finally coming along  – so please don’t go away! See you back here for actual foodie natterings very soon …


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  2. Cool interview, Charlotte – I can’t wait to read this collection. Best of luck for a really luscious launch tonight – it sounds like a cracking read. On the dressing of siblings, I’m two years younger than my sister, but I grew and grew as a child, overtaking her pretty early, and so she ended up in my hand-me-downs throughout much of her childhood – only now do I fully appreciate the angst and humiliation this caused her.

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