Four-letter word, and it’s not ‘food’

January 12, 2010

I am indebted to my friend Eileen for alerting me to this nugget of gold from The New Yorker’s Shouts & Murmurs: The Cursing Mommy Cooks Italian. Perfect antidote for a crap day in the kitchen (or the marriage!) …


  1. Happy New Year Charlotte. Been meaning to email you for ages. Have been enjoying reading your blog. Has inspired my new years resolution to try a new recipe every week. Jen x

  2. While I can identify with the sentiments the article didn’t charm me. Tempted to suggest if said Cursing Mommy wants to keep her title, she should practice a new swearword every day. She will never win Master Cuss this way.

  3. Hi Jen, lovely to hear from you – you have inspired me to get back to work on this blog if you are cooking a new thing every week! hope all is well in your world.

    Jules – I will find another article to charm you! Also, I did find the pic of the Empress in 1962 last week and you are right, it was almost IDENTICAL to her – but weirdly, it looked even more like her sister. Very intriguing …….!

  4. So glad you could admire Steph or Sister of Steph’s time travel back to the dance of the long legged crab salad with a raffia hat.

    Have been tossing and turning alone in my bath, regretting churlish comment re cussin’chef ever since. I am charmed – like constantly- by your good self and this blog.

  5. Jeez your bath must be pretty slooshy by now – and I perceived no churlishness! However, now you have pointed it out I shall have to put all your future comments through the churlometer to examine for breaches of howtowshuck etiquette. We are becoming very strict on such things round here in the New Decade.

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