February 10, 2010

Well, well. We’re feeling a bit flouncy round here today, having been told that the very cool online news site Crikey included us in their list of “a smatttering of fantastic food blogs and recipe sites” yesterday, as inspiration for readers to get out of their food rut and cook up a new signature dish.

So, a big welcome to any Crikey-led visitors – we hope to see you round these parts often. Better lift my game!


  1. Missed that mention entirely. Preen away! (Teaches me a lesson. I ought to read Crikey more carefully. I’ve become so bored with business and politics that all I do now is go straight to First Dog on the Moon, then Richard Farmer, then leave.)

  2. Congratulations Charlotte! Well shucked.

  3. Brilliant news Charlotte! But we’ve all known how fab this blog is for AGES…

  4. Rather your just desserts, Charlotte, even if you aren’t a sweet tooth!

  5. Why thank you all – I learn I have Ms Virginia, She of the incredible Sake Salmon (https://howtoshuckanoyster.com/2009/12/07/finding-a-cure-on-twitter/) to thank for my Crikey mention. And I do thank her!

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