The inside story

February 20, 2012

I’ll be back very shortly with another vego update, but in the meantime the article that helped tip us into our vego month appeared in the Good Weekend magazine yesterday. I spent a week cooking and eating offal – and some of it was a leetle scary!

If you’re interested in reading, the article is now up on my website here.


  1. Great GW story Charlotte, and nice photo to kick it off, too. You looked so uncertain, so ‘first day at a new school’.

    As an offal connoisseur, reading your story I felt a bit Homer Simpsonesque, drooling over ‘calf’s liver’ and all the other yummies just like Homey drools over deep-fried chicken with extra skin.

  2. A really interesting article on a food that very few people know about today and yet it was so common when I grew up. I liked offal the way my mother used to cook it (Ox tail and heart, sheep’s brains and tongue – my favourite, liver and kidneys and the stomach turner, tripe), and at times wish it were easily available to make it now, the way she did.

    Something that may alter the taste of offal of today from when I consumed it during the 60’s through to the 70’s is that stock are farmed differently and I wonder if that makes a difference.

    In Italy, at least the south, have many Tripperia’s that sell only tripe and indicate that it is alive and well today in that part of the world.

  3. I’ll admit to a few dry heaves while reading your vivid descriptions here, Charlotte, but it’s a great article and very thought-provoking, lingering in the mind like ammonia in the air…

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