Pan handling

September 9, 2014

I almost never do this on this page, but I know most of you have subscribed here because of my writing about cooking (apologies to those who haven’t!). This is about a bunch of people I have no involvement with whatsoever, but who I think are doing good stuff and need Kickstarter money for a quality Australian-made product. The same guy made Furi knives, which I’ve had for a million years and use every day.

To my mind the best thing about this new pan (SO hoping they make their target) is the handle which is longer than the usual ‘stubby’ ones – the engineering means the weight is distributed along your hand and towards the end of the wrist, so it’s easier to hold rather than all that enormously heavy weight being held in the top of the hand which means with my pathetic little (RSI-compromised) wrists I can never lift a cast-iron pan without fear of dropping boiling stuff all over myself. AND the longer handle with the split in it means it’s cooler. Then there’s all the other stuff they talk about re iron quality blah bah which I don’t care so much about, but also love the rounded pan base which is great for tossing.

Then there’s the whole thing of properly seasoned cast iron being better than a non-stick pan with none of the creepy chemical stuff.

So – here endeth my plug. I reiterate that I have absolutely zero involvement with this product or any of these people – I just really want these guys to make their target so I get one of these pans!

To kick in as a backer to fund the production of a the pans click here  – you can throw in as little as $1, or $99 to secure a pan for yourself. Only 12 days of the campaign to go – they need to reach the target to start production, so if you’re keen, spread the word!


  1. Look great. Where can we buy one and how much?

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