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Dinner with the Kids: The Movie

October 8, 2012

A visit from the nieces on the weekend was great fun, especially because they brought with them a birthday gift for me & Senor of a pasta machine. Rose & I got adventurous and made our own cooking TV show, as well as dinner. Here’s the result – and the rav was excellent!

<p><a href=”″>Ravioli with Rosie</a> from <a href=”″>Charlotte Wood</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

A few notes: We used two fillings but cooked and served it all mixed. The fillings were a Jamie Oliver ricotta, pine nut & herb one, and a quite delicious sweet potato, amaretti and bacon one from her majesty Marcella Hazan (the recipe is for prosciutto but as we didn’t have any we used cooked bacon instead).

The egg separation method was learned from regular howtoshucker Julie as she sent me this amusing video – but as you can see from our experience, it takes a bit of a knack and more than one egg went astray the other day! Kids absolutely loved trying it though ….

Not long before dinner I rather desperately Googled “how to stop ravioli falling apart” and discovered that some people recommend freezing the finished ravs, so we bunged ours in the freezer for about 20 minutes before cooking on a gentle rolling simmer. We taste tested a couple of times during the cooking; nine minutes was optimal. Next time I think I would dry the ravs for a little while and then freeze them for at least an hour.

And Rosie’s mum Alice made a perfect napoli sauce with capers – you’ll notice that my separation anxiety prevented me from finessing the presentation (!) but a beautiful day and a delicious dinner was had by all.

I highly recommend a ravioli-making session if you have a day to fill with kids – it certainly took most of the day to do, but once we mastered the pasta and got rid of the tears and holes (it didn’t take long) it was lots of fun. Do recommend the ravioli frame thingo though, as I understand they’re more likely to fall apart if you don’t have a way of sealing them very firmly.

I imagine that lots of you are much more experienced pasta / ravioli makers than us – any tips? Things we were doing wrong?

And I wonder if you have done any adventurous cooking with kids lately? Do tell.