Ah, piggsy…

May 21, 2009

The Empress explores her passion for pig once again, in this week’s 3-of-a-kind restaurant column in Good Living. Pork hock and knuckle – French, Asian & Polish. Mmmm.


  1. Any Monkey Magic reference is okay by me. And so is any pork product.

  2. As a German Australian, I have to protest about the Poles claiming Pork knuckle though!

    • The Poles don’t claim it, they just cook it. Watch the column for a superb German knuckle in a few weeks. One of the most fab things I’ve eaten in ages.

      • Was it at the Concordia Club by any chance? I have seen the pork knuckles there and they are the size of a large hamster. Too daunting for me but everyone else was hooking in and lovin it.

        • nope, it was at Rhinedorf in Beverly Hills. Fabulous crackling, tender meat, not too confronting in size. A really good place, especially if you like decor that’s not self-consciously retro but just plain daggy. Waitresses in dirndls etc

  3. Look forward to the column, the Rhindorf is a family favourite for the food and the kitsch!

  4. This being pork knuckle weather, I might just have to make me an excursion to them thar Hills…

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