My lovely drawers pt 2

June 7, 2009



Okay, so I think we are all quite aware that this is facile consumerist middle-class nonsense, but bear with me – I’m going to be dwelling on FCMCN for just a little bit longer.

Having cooked in two circa 1940 kitchens for the past eight or nine years (i.e. no cupboards or drawers apart from a mouldy 1950s lean-to sink cabinet and a microscopic glass-fronted cupboard above it), I am outrageously jubilant about our fancy new kitchen, esp pantry and drawers.

Today I spent a glorious half-hour at Howards Storage World (come on, who doesn’t love it, even if every trip there ends up costing the equivalent of the GDP of a small Pacific nation) to sort out my drawers.

And here they are.



  1. They are truly magnificent my dear, but I can tell you one person who won’t go near HSW – my beloved, who calls the joint Howards Fascist World. But he needs serious counselling.

  2. Yes he DOES. Is he referring to the staff, or simply the very notion of Complete and Utter Order?

    • No, the staff are fine, not that he’s ever had much to do with them.It’s the Complete and Utter Order that brings him out in hives. It’s SOOOOO alien!

  3. wonderful to see new kitchen facilities- I too love Howards – ahh- “Storage World”. Was expecting your “lovely drawers” to be somewhat frillier.

  4. I have serious drawer envy. And kitchen envy. And garlic envy. Sigh.

  5. Jules, I knew the lure of a frilly drawer would get you in. And Gully Girl, I totally understand kitchen envy, but believe me, I’ve waited … am trying to find a ‘before’ shot so you will see what kind of transformation I’m living with. Every time I look up i get a delicious fright and think i’m in some grown-up’s house and better get out before they catch me.

  6. You so know they are never going to be that neat again. Evar!

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