Best kitchen-warming gift in the world

June 7, 2009

Last night we christened our finished new kitchen with dinner for eight [plus four kids, who spent the evening rushing between playing Abba records on the turntable in the studio and bashing away on musical instruments in the spare room, which is still piled almost to the ceiling – literally – with crap, outdoor furniture, washing machine etc. Two of them spent several hours perched precariously atop piles of junk, sitting in a washing basket playing the xylophone and maraccas while Senor made very sure their parents didn’t see.

dicky garlic1dicky garlicAnyway – our friend Ricardo, the Lunging Latino, showed up with the most beautiful present. This is one of the first bulbs of his home-grown organic garlic, grown in a pot in Balmain. It’s too beautiful, almost, to use. But of course we will. I’m going to save one of the little cloves to try to grow some myself.

Thankyou Dicky! And while we’re on the topic, can someone tell me the best way to store garlic? In the fridge or out?

And Caro, am intrigued with your veg storing advice and would like to know much more about these hostile gases of yours!

empress in my kitchenI am saved the onion-spud face-off dilemma because of now storing onions in the fridge to alleviate tearfulness, but what about other vegetable enemies? Is this all true or just Tupperware propaganda??

We await your advice …

Oh, and PS: the Empress herself was one of our visitors last night, showing up with a big bucket of her baba ganoush, so all my hinting last week paid off beautifully. And we cunningly ran out of crackers for the assembled, so managed to sneak a huge amount of it back into the fridge for our own use. Heh heh heh.

Anyway here is the Empress about to stroke my quality finishes…


  1. NEW KITCHEN? You can dance, you can ji-ive…Sounds great. The garlic is beautiful too.

  2. Well I can’t dance but i AM jiving, and you know the rest… ooo-ooh-ooh, see that stove, watch that (bench) space, diggin the fancy sheen…. oo ooh…

  3. Oh, that looks gorgeous!!! The new kitchen AND the perfect bulb of garlic. What oh what shall you do with it? Decisions, decisions.

  4. I’m ‘Diggin the fancy sheen’ and the idea of you cooking up a culinary storm of tasty food for your family and friends all the while planning what you’ll do with the beautiful bulb of organic garlic, thoughtfuly ensuring a chosen clove will continue its life and prosper in your kitchen for years to come!

  5. […] troubleshooting – help! June 27, 2009 So here is my garlic-in-progress, beginning with Ricardo’s special housewarming garlic, of which I took one clove and planted […]

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