Seeing red: my tomato crop

January 22, 2010

Just because I’m feeling proud, here is a picture of some of our home-grown Roma tomatoes.

Since this photo was taken last week, our harvest has zoomed along, and there are bowls of Romas everywhere. Gotta love a glut – it makes a girl feel sooo agricultural.


  1. These smell so good. Congratulations farmer Charl. Will they be annointed with basil and buffalo mozzarella, or scoffed as is?

    I was glad to hear the local council dropped that allegation about use of human waste for cultivation.

  2. Yes Charlotte, congrats etc. Now tell us what you’re going to do with them! Are you talking a serious glut? Like the kind that would require a drive by from me to help alleviate?

  3. Love a good glut. Well done, Charlotte, they look great. Of all the tomato varieties, Romas are some of the tomatoeyest tasting, if that’s a word.

  4. Jules, I know your council on The Right side of the bridge is very lax on ‘composting’ rules but over here our cultivation practices are a little more sophisticated I’m pleased to say.

    And hmm, I may have exaggerated the gluttiness, Empress. Sadly it requires no drive-by – but when my next crop comes on, fingers crossed I will need to give you a call…

    Jamie, I have some baby heirloom seedlings on the go – do you reckon it’s too late for me to get a harvest before autumn? They’re only about two inches high.

    • Charlotte. Get the seedlings in now and they should produce the goods. Feed them up every fortnight early on (liquid foods) and provided the weather is merely normal (which is a big ask these days) and you have two gluts in the one year.

  5. Handsome buggers, aren’t they? Well done you!

  6. […] I was able to use some of the slow-roasted tomatoes I had already made (from the home-grown glut, you understand *preen*).  You could use canned cannellini beans but one of the best things about […]

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