Grrrr, apology

December 9, 2013

Hello subscribers! Sorry about that chief – WordPress destroyed my last blog post immediately after I made it. I’ve rewritten and reposted, so it is available again here: https://howtoshuckanoyster.com/2013/12/09/christmas-material-a-festive-salad/


  1. Hi Charlotte, lovely to see you back at the blog. I missed your culinary adventures (and miss you on Twitter!).
    Have a lovely Christmas.

  2. Ah, thanks Nicola! Nice to be back here. And you never know, I might go back to Twitter one day. Am still there in a ghostly way @writersroommag … x

  3. Not Christmas Material.


    Was rumbling through the bookcase and was reminded of you.

    Have a lovely Christmas!

    *Fresh as from the factory. Sat and waited in the deli for 20 minutes until the lady returned. Yes, nut.

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