Flashback – citrus couscous

December 13, 2013

citruscouscousLast night I made this lovely couscous salad – we haven’t eaten it at home in a couple of years I think, and now I can’t imagine why. It’s very good. I remembered it because I watched Jamie Oliver’s 15-Minute Meals the other day and he made some terrific lamb rissoles with pistachio, honey & thyme, and he served it with couscous.

The recipe for this salad is here, posted way back in 2009!

The meatballs were excellent – I’m a big fan of the J-man – and extremely easy. The recipe isn’t online, but I’m wondering if that book might be a very good present for cooks for Christmas (though of course everything takes longer than 15 minutes – I’d double the time personally, though the meatballs certainly didn’t take any longer than that).

But anyway, back to the couscous. Recommended – and it keeps forever and ever and a day.


  1. I can attest to the couscous’s keeping ability. I made double the recipe for a party and ended up with a lot left over. We ate it for a very long time!

    • Ha! Thanks Rosie. Also, it does make HEAPS doesn’t it? Last night I used a cup of couscous and there was still mountains of it ….

  2. This is very similar to a salad my family loves, but which uses chicken stock instead of orange juice, and cranberries and almonds instead of pine nuts and sultanas. (The cranberries look “Xmasy” when the salad is in a glass bowl.)

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