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Christian Lander in Newtown

May 28, 2009

landerDespite my admiration for Christian Lander and his Stuff White People Like I somehow failed to see him at the Sydney Writers’ Festival, even when he was appearing at the New Theatre, about five blocks from my house.

Luckily, that appearance is now available on Slow TV. It’s a two-parter; the first part is quite entertaining but largely about his astronomical 12-month rise to fame and the celebrities who now love him, which he’s very starry-eyed about so it gets a bit tedious.

But the second half, which I’m linking to here, is sharp and funny, like the work itself. 


the White Man cometh

March 27, 2009

swplAt the Sydney Writers’ Festival program launch last night (where incidentally their catering sponsor The Roo Brothers gave away jars of chilli jam and some pretty good oyster knives – but I do believe our shucking instructions are better than theirs) I was very excited to hear that the Stuff White People Like man himself, Christian Lander, is coming out for the festival. I first mentioned him here, in a post about farmer’s markets.

Anyhoo -goody! I shall be there to listen and laugh, in all my bourgeois banality.

The full SWF program will be in the SMH paper and online tomorrow, I think. And as Sean is delivering 40,000 copies of the actual brochure to bookshops and libraries next week, we will be a pair of walking, talking SWF programs by next Friday – if you want to know anything about it just ask!